June 2019 Patreon Comic: Dungeons and Dunderhead 2 - The Expansion Set

For the first time on our Patreon, we've decided to take a picture pack and turn it into a fun, full-length series! After the events of Dungeons and Dunderheads, two friends forever found their world changed by a casual time playing a tabletop. With casual dweeb Ellie now fancying herself as the "Elven Priestess" Elysia, the two quickly found a way to turn the shocking transformation into a massive gain for everybody! After a few weeks, the two friends found themselves owning a small gaming store, which quickly became the talk of the town due to Elysia's astounding assets. People from far and wide started to come look at the "living elf" and play some games while they were there, all being told that the same table they played on could still potentially do the same thing once again...

It's yet another day at their now locally-famous store and business is booming! Perhaps today is the day some time at the table is able to bring out some gaming magic.

Features: Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion, Giantess, Mini-Gts, Multiple-Women Growing, FMG.

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USD 5.00

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