October 2019 Patreon Comic: The Lab B-Rv1

The mysterious tests in The Lab continue! It seems that Professor Anders and Professor Cynthia were needed to team up to handle this rambunctious duo! It seems this loving couple willingly added themselves to The Lab's many further research projects, now leaving them a brightly-colored power couple! But Azura there seems to be packing a little something... extra! How did that happen? Was it an intended part of the experiment, or was it something Scarlet had been thinking about... It seems like The Lab has plenty more mystery to uncover as this loving duo begin to find out what these tests have in store for them!

Features: Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion, Giantess, Mini-Gts, , Extreme Hourglass, Multiple-Women Growing, Futanari, Futanari-on-Woman.

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