June 2020 Patreon Comic: The Lab - Take Home Test

It seems that The Lab is trying something new! With an attempt to give their clients and test subjects a bit more freedom, they allow two of their newest clients, Jessie and Ella a chance to return home to see to their potential results all to themselves. Without the lab to keep the two in check, it seems that their one an only rule they were asked to abide by might be in danger of being ignored. That rule, you ask? Well of course, no sexual activity! That would only exacerbate their growth if they happened to indulge a bit too much...

These two seem ready to push their bodies to their breaking point and hey, that's a test in itself isn't it?

Features: Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion, Futanari, Mini-Gts, Size-Comparison, Multiple Women Growing, Vagina Growth.

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