July 2020 Patreon Comic: For Susan's Sake Part 7

Susan and company are back once again! Some time has passed since the events of Part 6 and it seems things have changed for the better! Well, sort of at least! Cindy's new figure has landed her the opportunity of a lifetime, now modeling at a nice photography company in town. With her own job, she's now been able to take advantage of everything her body has been able to offer her, from a nice, new life to her hunky boyfriend. While Cindy continues to like everything that's happening, Susan herself is still at a loss for words as the mystery of the growing candies continues to allude her. Her own job has disappeared without a trace, but with no candies left thanks to Cindy's previous hijinx there are no more leads to follow... Or are there?

Susan's life continues to grow in a bounty of ways! I wonder what is in store for her and her friends this month!

Features: Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion, Mini-Gts, Size-Comparison, Multiple Women Growing.

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USD 5.00

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