September 2020 Patreon Comic: For Susan's Sake Part 9

With Susan agreeing to Veronica's master plan, there's just one more piece to the puzzle before their work can really get under way! Enter Penny Jacobs, a small but talented photographer and former schoolmate of Veronica, Cindy and Susan. While they didn't hang out much, Penny had heard news of Cindy's massive splash into the modeling industry and was surprised by a call one day from Veronica. With no clue what to expect beyond being asked to bring her camera, Penny decided to take up Veronica on her offer to meet up and talk some "business," completely unaware that she had fallen straight into the red-headed amazon's trap.

I don't think Penny has any idea what's in store for her you guys! :U

Features: Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion, Mini-Gts, Size-Comparison, Multiple Women Growing.

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